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Events 2023

NCKP Lecture-Recital: "Alicia de Larrocha: her piano compositions."

Westin Chicago Lombard Hotel, Chicago, USA.

July 29. Works by Alicia de Larrocha.

Ania La Candela show- Inspiracion

Atlanta, USA.

June 14th. Works by Padre Antonio Soler and Spanish Composers.

ASMTA Conference Presentation- "Spanish Piano Music." 

Ouachita Baptist University, Arkansas, USA.

June 2nd. Works by Spanish Composers.

Piano Recital - "Spanish Souvenirs." 

Southern Arkansas University

April 3rd. Works by Spanish Composers.

Duo Nott - "With a woman's voice."

Recital for voice and piano, with Anna Guasch (soprano)

Espai Escénic of Alleia, Catalunya (Spain)

January 13th. Works by Alicia de Larrocha, Matilde Salvador, Julia Maria Dopico, Isabella Colbran, Florence Price and Margaret Bonds.

Piano Recital - "Spanish Souvenirs." 

Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma, USA

March 22nd. Works by Spanish Composers.

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